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What are CodeSpace Camps?

Holiday Programs for Children.

Epic school holiday camps for kids.

At CodeSpace, we educate kids with the skills of the future and we do it in a super fun way. 

We gamify our school holiday workshops in a way that kids, mums and dads love. 

We want to empower your kids to become creators of technology, not just consumers of it these school holidays.

What are you waiting for?

Find your nearest location.


We make CodeSpace Camps fun and enjoyable for the optimal learning environment.


Our workshops are designed collaboratively between teachers, entrepreneurs and programmers to produce an awesome camp.

How to have an awesome school holidays: the guide.

  1. Find your nearest location - We have heaps of locations all over Australia. Find your nearest location now. 
  2. Select what days you want to attend - Attend one day, or attend them all! It's up to you. 
  3. Register and Pay Online - Register easily and quickly by signing up online. 


What are you waiting for?

Find your nearest location.


Company Details

CodeSpace Education Services Pty. Ltd.
ABN: 34 615 494 267
Sydney, NSW, Australia


Phone: (02) 8806 3750