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Minecraft Modding: Space Warriors

You’re deserted on the barren desert of Mars. Earth is in danger from invading Aliens and needs your help. Save the earth with code!

About Minecraft Modding: Space Warriors

Earth needs your help.

You’re deserted on the barren desert wasteland of Mars. Earth is in danger from invading Aliens and needs your help. You must gather your courage and get to Earth by coding spaceships, gadgets, and weapons to defeat the Aliens. 

Can you answer the call?

In this brand new course, your child will learn everything they need to create the perfect defence for Earth. They’ll design their own custom blocks and materials to build their own spaceship, create biomes for both Mars and Earth, and code special gadgets to overcome the invading Aliens. 

They’ll become fluent with the basic computing vernacular, including things such as ‘if statements’ and ‘variables’, and will finish the day with the tools to continue to build complex projects using the Minecraft coding software. 
  • Dates/Times - Runs from 9am - 3pm each day with dropoff from 8:30 and pickup until 3:30. Please find your nearest camp for dates and more information.
  • Ages/Requirements - Ages 7-13 are allowed to attend this camp. No prior experience is required. 
  • What to bring - Hat, drinkbottle, recess and lunch, we'll provide everything else.
  • Price - $99
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We're so confident your child will love their CodeSpace Camp, that if they don't like it, we'll give you your money back. 

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Your child's day at Minecraft Modding Magic

Daily Workshop Schedule

8:30am - 9am

Check In

When you get to the venue, check in with our teachers and we'll get you set up!


Lift off!

We start our workshop with fun games, activities and lessons. 


Recess Break

Time to get some fresh air and sunlight while we refresh our brains, ready to get back into coding!


Middle Session

We get back to work creating even more cool stuff with our awesome teachers!


Lunch Break

Play some games, have some fun and get some exercise.  


Afternoon Session

Time to get back into it for the last session of the day!

We keep working and finishing off our projects.



All the parents come back to pick up their children and we hand out certificates. Parents can check out what we've been working on!

3pm - 3:30pm

Pick Up

Time to go home. Good luck dragging your kids away from all the fun!

Find your nearest location.

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