Roblox Game Experts

Build and create, and learn coding with Roblox!

For ages 7-14.

Does your child love playing Roblox? We’ll turn their love of the game into a productive learning experience which develops their problem solving and critical thinking skills, all while building their very own Roblox Games.

Minecraft Modding Masters

Build Minecraft ‘Mods’ and learn to code.

For children 6-14.

At CodeSpace, we take Minecraft to the next level by enabling and teaching children to code using drag-and-drop coding inside the game to change it, and at the same time teach them the technical skills required for their future.

Web Hackers

Learn the coding language of the web!

For children 8-16.

Ever wondered how a website worked? In this program our Tech Coaches guide your children through to code their own website using HTML & CSS which they can keep and share with their friends. 

Minecraft Rollercoaster Engineers

cBuild epic rollercoasters and learn elementary engineering concepts

For children 6-12.

Learn basic concepts of engineering, problem solving and critical thinking with our Minecraft: Rollercoaster Engineers course and build an epic rollercoaster!

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