CodeSpace Education Services PTY LTD (CodeSpace) creates materials used for teaching aids, learning materials and promotional purposes. For this we may use photos, voice recordings, video and/or creative work featuring the child or their work.

By ticking the checkbox on the enrolment form, you agree to allow CodeSpace to create and/or use your child’s photos/images, audio recordings or videos, samples of your child’s creative work to be used on public websites/social media, print material or via other promotional channels used by CodeSpace.

We WILL NOT use your child’s first or last name without your separate written consent.

You also grant for external organisations working with CodeSpace for promotional purposes to use any of the aforementioned media.

This licence is perpetual (forever), irrevocable, free, worldwide, non-exclusive and allows for the replication, distribution, display, performance and remixing of copyrighted work for commercial purposes.