According to the Foundation for young Australians’ report, 70% of your children’s future jobs will be radically affected by automation. And according to Dell, 85% of the jobs that exist in 2030 don’t exist yet. Let those statistics sink in for a moment.

The world is rapidly changing and evolving, and as a society, we face a problem of our young people not having the skills they need for the future. At the moment, our children are woefully unequipped for this new work order. But with a constantly changing world of work, how can we prepare our children for a productive and successful career?

Although we don’t know what jobs will exist in the future yet, we do know the type of skills your children will need.



Skill #1: Digital Skills

More than half of all Australian workers will need to be able to use, configure or build digital systems in the next 2-3 years, and even more in the future.

For your child to keep up with the skills of the future, they should be equipped with a wide range digital skills; not just programming. They should have a good understanding of how code works; how computers work and how software is designed to stay competitive in the future workforce.



Skill #2: Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

The jobs where you just ‘do what you’re told’ and follow mindless instructions are disappearing quickly and are the first jobs to be automated. This means that higher-order thinking skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking; things that only humans do well, are among the most valuable skills to have.

These skills also come under the category of ‘transferable’ or ‘enterprise’ skills – meaning they can be used across jobs, professions and industries.



Skill #3: Soft Skills & Collaboration

In future careers, your children will need to be able to work effectively with others. As our economy becomes increasingly developed and more complicated, it becomes essential to work in teams to produce economic output.

This is why learning teamwork, collaboration and conflict resolution skills are so essential in the current and future economy.


I hope this information has proved useful to you in preparing your child for an uncertain future,

Joshua Brooks
Founder & CEO

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