It’s a hotly debated topic throughout the media and online – how much screen time is “too much” for your child. And although we won’t tell you how long you should allow your children on screens or electronic devices, we have provided some useful information to take into consideration when deciding how much screen time to give your kids.


Although much airtime is given to how much time your child should be spending on their electronic devices, far less attention is paid to what they actually do on these devices. Much of the media clumps all time spent on these devices into one category, when in actuality, not all screen time is the same.


Some activities are extremely productive, whereas others are less so. For example, playing games on an iPad is not going to be as productive as coding on an iPad. (Although the ability of children to learn through play should not be disregarded)


When children use smart devices, they are learning how to interact with computers – a skill which they will need for almost all areas of life in the future. The ability to be able to learn and explore on these devices can at times, give children a far better opportunity to develop than what could be done in real life.


However, it also depends on what apps they are using on their devices. Educational apps can teach children maths or how to read very effectively, whereas some other activities (such as playing games) may not be as effective, although do have educational and developmental value.


But in saying this – too much time on smart devices can cause issues to a child’s development physically and socially. This is the same reason we take kids outside for a healthy dose of fresh air regularly in our holiday camps, so they get the best of both worlds.


I hope this is able to help you in becoming an effective parent in the digital age,

Joshua Brooks
Founder & CEO

Engage in productive screen time these holidays.


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