Let’s face it – the internet at times can seem like the Wild West. No overarching controls and pretty much anything goes.

Kids lack experience and knowledge in both the real world and the digital world, which can leave them vulnerable to threats. However, in the digital world, these threats can be amplified because of the ease of access. All it can take is a few clicks and they can be anywhere on the web. There are a few main areas of threats online, which include;



Inappropriate Content

The web contains a wide range of content which you may not deem suitable for your child. The risks of children being exposed to these types of content are very large.

You can contain this threat by installing blocking software on their computers to filter the internet or you can discuss as a family what content is appropriate, what is not, and what to do if you see any inappropriate content (or both).




For any parent of a child who loves gaming, you’ve probably had some situation where your child has asked to, or has installed software from questionable websites. Much of this software are viruses, designed to collect money, steal personal details or damage your computer.

You can prevent this by not allowing your children to download or install anything without your permission, and only downloading files/software from reputable sites.



As discussed in our last newsletter, cyberbullying presents a real threat to kids online, with 1 in 4 children being cyber-bullied. This cyber-bullying can result in hurtful or damaging comments being read by thousands of your child’s peers.

To manage the prevalence and effects of cyber-bulling we recommend discussing social media safety as a family. Talk about how to stay safe online and have an open conversation with your children and make sure they feel comfortable coming to you with any issues the encounter online.



But keep in mind…

Being wise and taking precautions when using online technology is a good idea, but banning technology outright will prevent children from learning the skills they will need to be safe as an adult, so it is wise to be cautious around technology, but don’t remove it.


I hope this information will prove useful in helping your kids stay safe online,


Joshua Brooks
Founder & CEO

Build the skills needed to stay safe.

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