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Small, private, student-focused weekly classes

CodeSpace is now offering small, weekly after-school and weekend classes at your home or venue of choice.

How it works

Small classes for your kids and their friends, in your home.

Exclusive, small classes

Gather a group of 5-9 kids and we'll run weekly classes during the school term. 

The more kids, the cheaper the classes! Enquire today to get a price. 

You decide the venue

Hold your private weekly classes in the comfort of your home or in the venue of your choice. You decide!

Most of our customers choose to host their classes around their living room or kitchen table. 

Pay Weekly, Cancel Anytime

Pay in weekly installments to ease the financial burden, and if you don't like it; you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

Company Details

CodeSpace Education Services Pty. Ltd.
ABN: 34 615 494 267
Sydney, NSW, Australia


Phone: (02) 8806 3750