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Creative Kids Approved Provider

Save $100 on your registration with us.

What is the Creative Kids program?

The Creative Kids program is a program run by the NSW government which gives students in NSW up to $100 voucher for any approved activity. 

CodeSpace is one of the first approved providers of this program, and as such, you're able to redeem your vouchers with us. 

To learn how to get your voucher code or redeem it, keep reading below or click here.


How to get/redeem your voucher:

Step 1: Get your code

Visit Service NSW's website to get your $100 voucher code.

Step 2: Register Online

Register online and pay normally, via our website.

Step 3: Redeem Voucher

Let us know your creative kids voucher after enrolling in the class, and we'll refund your payment back into your account. 

To do this, please use the button below. 

Company Details

CodeSpace Education Services Pty. Ltd.
ABN: 34 615 494 267
Sydney, NSW, Australia


Phone: (02) 8806 3750